Last week at Big White Ski Resort, BC, Canada a gang of gals had the opportunity to take some  of next seasons’ Head and Blizzard skis for a test run, courtesy of Dizzy’s Retail Ski Shop, at Big White Ski Resort.

BLIZZARD – The Black Pearl

As the tag line ‘ Live the Moment’ is etched on the ski edge, we were full of excitement and anticipation on the news that there had been a significant technology change with the Black Pearl 2020.

We did ask, why change the world’s best selling women’s ski over the past few years?

The Black Pearl has an enviable and well earned reputation for its versatile, approachable, yet high-end performance.  To recap, Blizzard’s Women Specific Carbon Flipcore construction has proven to provide a lightweight feel, good edge grip, reasonable amounts of stability, and a very intuitive, natural flex pattern.

The Black Pearl 88 is mostly camber, although it also has smooth rocker and even a small amount of early taper in both the tip and tail. Combine that shape and construction and you’ve got a ski that’s known for its smooth feel and performance-oriented, yet easy-going attitude; and an absolute winner with female skiers.

So what’s new for 2020-2021.  Hear it for yourself from the Blizzard rep.

So Blizzard carefully reimagined the wood core.  Introducing TrueBlend. It places hard wood (beech) where you need power and stability and softer/lighter poplar in the skis’ extremities to give skis a more even and more balanced flex.  The longer the ski, the greater the TrueBlend wood core, making the longer skis feel a little stiffer.

We tried them for ourselves and were not disappointed; in fact, even more impressed with the Black Pearl. For 2021, Blizzard incorporates TrueBlend into Black Pearl 97, and our fave, the Black Pearl 88.  Their aim: to make the skis easier to engage earlier in your turn without losing carving performance.

On-snow testing with Blizzard’s Women’s Focus Groups, they have endless conversations on what works and what doesn’t work in skis for women. This has led to the creation of a collection of women’s skis that address lightness and performance and that are specifically designed for the end use.

The award winning Blizzard Black Pearl collection — available in three waist widths — 78, 88 & 98 mm — are specifically designed for passionate women skiers. Designed by women for women, versatile shapes combined with Carbon Flipcore W.S.D. construction deliver a versatile and stable ride. The Black Pearl will float, carve, glide and rip in any snow condition on any terrain. Verdict: We loved them and Blizzard have done it again. Well done team.

HEAD supershape

The Head’s Supershape collection has always been some of Dizzy’s go to skis, always popular, and all-time favorites in the recreational race ski category. Now for 2021, they are getting an upgrade.

As the saying goes “i becomes e except after c” ….. and seems to work with HEAD —particularly with ‘good vibrations’ — designed around Head’s  newest structural innovation: EMC, or Energy Management Circuit.

The supershape i.Titan becomes the e-Titan due to a rebuild that features this EMC. Essentially, EMC removes bad vibrations with a mix of two sheets of metal and graphene plates. For the techHeads, they have identified vibrations over 80 hz as “bad” and vibrations more mellow as “good.”  This gives the skis better edge hold and seems to make skis more predictable. Head also lowered the camber profile and moved the sidecut back, making the skis require less angle to engage on hard snow.

We couldnt help but hum the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” as we tested these beauties out on Sun Run.  As Gary from Head said: “All you need to know about EMC is good vibes.”

The Supershapes are also be available in a longer length, 184cm, and new names: e-Titane-Rallye-Magnume-Speed, and e-Original.

The NEW Head Kore.

This coming season sees the new Kore 87 to add to the collection. We loved it. Responsive, light, yet The Kore series returns with updated graphics but no structural changes. That said, the Kore 87 is a winner, and particularly the Womens Kore for advanced skiers looking for a stiffer, high performance ski.

The Kore 93, 99 and 105 are your gateway ski to a new world of freeride and powder adventures. It’s a fun ski and you feel at home on or off piste. And thanks to its light weight, it also makes ski touring a fun experience. The new 87 will complete the quiver.