Every country has slang unique to their own nation, eh? Canada has some hilarious phrases that may leave you scratching your head trying to understand.
Canadians have a unique way of speaking that, at times, can cause quite the kerfuffle (problem). So, for all you keeners (brown-nosers) out there looking to make your transition from tourist to full-blown Canuck (Canadian) more seamless, we’ve translated a list of Canadianisms for you to use on your next Canada ski trip.

Eh? – You agree?
In a sentence: That’s some good powder out (pronounced “oot”) there, eh?

Hoser – An unsophisticated person
In a sentence: I was out at Snowshoe Sam’s last night and there was a bunch of hosers hogging the pool table the entire time I was there.

Toque – Beanie
In a sentence: It’s a bit nippy out – better throw on a toque and mitts!

Double Double – Coffee with two creams and two sugars
In a sentence: I’ll have a double double, a Nanaimo bar (delicious Canadian cookie) and a glass of water, please.


Loonies and Toonies – One and two dollar coins
In a sentence: If I leave a couple of loonies and toonies on this twenty dollar lunch bill, that should be a good enough tip, eh?

Chip Wagon – Food truck
In a sentence: I just tried a BeaverTail (Canadian pastry) from the chip wagon at Gem Lake, and boy, was it tasty.

Canadian Tuxedo – Denim on denim outfit
In a sentence: I want to look nice tonight for our romantic dinner at the Kettle Valley Steakhouse, so I best be putting on my fanciest Canadian tuxedo. 

Hang a Roger, Hang a Larry – Turn right, turn left
In a sentence: Once you ski into the Village off Easy Street, hang a Roger and you’ll be at The Woods’ outdoor patio.

Two-Four – 24 case of beer
In a sentence: Don’t forget to pick up a two-four at The Big White Beer & Wine Store for our hot tub session later!

Molson Muscle – Beer belly
In a sentence: I’m headed out to Sessions Taphouse & Grill to give my Molson Muscle a workout.

A version of this post was originally published on the Big White website.