Jacqui Cooper is a household name in Australia for dedicated skiers. The five-time world champion represented Australia in the sport of Aerial Skiing for 20 years.

Jacqui’s spirit and enthusiasm for snow sports has only increased with the arrival of her own children.

“As a family we haven’t been ready to take an overseas snow trip until the start of the year” Cooper says. The former world champion is mother to 4-year-old twins and a 6-year-old.

“The kids were too young to travel and appreciate what would be on offer at the other end”.

Jacqui Cooper is no stranger to visiting international ski resorts having represented Australia in 139 World Cup events, nine World Championships, as well as gaining selection for five Winter Olympics teams.

But ask her where her favourite overseas destination is and Jacqui need not think for long: ‘SilverStar!’

“The reason we always choose SilverStar is because, on previous visits when I was competing, I loved the intimate colourful village whilst being able to explore the big mountain!” says Cooper.

“With the kids being little the last thing we wanted was a big village and them being overwhelmed. I want them to feel safe, comfortable an energised by the SilverStar experience”.