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Most ski resorts have a snow stake or stick that shows off their powder snowfall depths as the storms come in.

Not Revelstoke, they have Gnorm. He’s a gnome. You’ll find him on the Revelstoke Snow Cams throughout winter and if you hit up this mammoth resort then you can find Gnorm in gnome person at the weather station.

He’s the reason skiers and snowboarders reach for their phones at 6.00am on a powder day and check out if Gnorm has been buried by big powder.

He is the true powder proclaimer. The fountain of snow-ledge. The mountain ruler. Essentially, he tells everyone when to get the powder goods.

Who is this elusive “Gnorm”, and where did he come from?

Gnorm has been reporting snow in Revelstoke since the gondola spun its first rounds, but what you may not know is that Gnorm is the third of his kind — Gnorm 3.0.

OG Gnorm, the first

Photo: Jess Leahey/ Revelstoke Current

The OG Gnorm was born in Revelstoke, originally found in a garden shed of one of the resorts long-term employees. He was re-painted by local artist, Jess Leahey, to look more like a ski patroller.

He then long reigned as the ruler of the weather plot until one day he was stolen from his post, leaving only his little booties behind. After a short “vacation”, but much despair, he was finally returned to us.

He is currently living out his retirement years in the patrollers’ hut.

Gnorm 2.0.

Gnorm 2.0. took to the podium during the mourning period for OG Gnorm. With big shoes to fill (literally), this nicely painted, trim champ did a great job. Until he was stolen too.

A legacy lives on with gnorm 3.0


Luckily for snow-cam followers today, Revy has an unlimited supply of Gnorms and you can even buy your own Gnorm at their retail store, R Gear.

Revelstoke Gnorm (27 Nov 2020_
Visit Revelstoke Mountain Resort for a live webcam update.


It’s under the radar, it’s cool, it’s hip, it’s steeped in railway history and filled with real locals who’ve been here for generations. With creative artisan locals, old school brewers and distillers and an active adventure focus, Revelstoke and Revelstoke Mountain Resort offer a real Canadian flavour.

The resort also offers 3121 acres (1264 ha) of fall line skiing, high alpine bowls, renowned gladed terrain and endless groomers.

Skiers and snowboarders visiting Revelstoke can access a total of 515,000 acres (208,413 ha) of terrain, including their exclusive backcountry terrain heli and cat skiing.

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