Have you seen the crazy Canucks trying the out latest COVID safe, social distanced snow sport?  The early adopters call it snow kayaking. And yes, snow kayaking is very much a real thing, and yes, it’s just what it sounds like: sliding down a snow-covered hill on your kayak. It’s a bit like sledding, but with a kayak rather than a traditional sled or tube. Handy to be able to turn summer sports equipment into winter sports equipment – win, win eh!

Facebook Video by Brad Armstrong posted on Freshdaily.

For the people who like a Do it Yourself, most flat-bottom kayaks should work just fine. But don’t forget, you’ll want to use your paddle to steer, which actually may give you more control than you’d have with an old-school sled.

While snow kayaking is undoubtedly a very ‘new’ and obscure sport, it is gaining interest across Canada.

Those keen on some competition will be delighted to hear that there are a handful of international snow kayak events with purpose-build courses and specific scoring. Colorado’s Steamboat Springs reportedly has low-key mountain kayaking events. We are not aware of any Canadian ski resorts in BC or Alberta offering snow kayaking as yet.

But if you want to get started, all you need is a nearby sledding hill, a helmet – which is a must, a well-waxed kayak, strong arms, and be prepared to take a fall or two in the snow as you work on becoming a snow-kayaking pro.  Those who have tried their hand at this, recommend you start on gentle slopes without too many obstacles!

We don’t think it will be long before this snow activity becomes a big hit at the top ski resorts in Canada. Watch this space! To find out more about the other activities that are on offer at Canadian ski resorts, explore the different resort pages across our website.