Breaking news – the Canada borders are opening! This is fantastic to hear for all with the travel blues!

Of course, dealing with the COVID pandemic has had a huge impact on the key decision points for clients when booking ski holidays. Safety considerations are always the top priority, followed by the flexibility in planning ski vacations.

Together with our resort partners, we do our utmost to keep you informed and updated with the latest COVID health and travel advice. To read more on travelling Canada in COVID times, keep reading below.

When will the Canadian borders open?

Mark your calendars, the Canadian international border is set to reopen on the 7th of September, 2021 to international travellers who are fully vaccinated.

This is massive as it ensures the country is open in time for the winter season. It gives travellers plenty of time ahead of the opening dates of all Canada ski resorts.

While this is big for all travellers, there are certain requirements for the travel exemption. This includes:

  • Full vaccination with a vaccine approved in Canada (see here for the list) at a minimum of 14-days prior to entering Canada
  • No COVID-19 symptoms or signs
  • Uploaded proof of vaccination in ArriveCAN
  • Taken a valid pre-arrival COVID-19 molecular test (no more than 72 hours before the flight or arrival at border)
  • Admissible under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • Meet all requirements of the pre-entry test
Canada Border Security Agency
Canada Border Security Agency

Can I travel to Canada?

Your eligibility to travel to Canada will be determined by a few factors.

First, you will need to be fully vaccinated with a vaccine authorized by the Government of Canada. All travellers five years or older will also need to have authorised proof of their vaccination status and be prepared to show this when requested.

Secondly, you will need to visit the ArriveCAN website or app. Here you will need to ensure you are eligible for discretionary travel (assuming you are vaccinated). You will need to upload your vaccine proof here.

You also have to meet the pre-entry testing requirements and be asymptomatic when you enter the country. This portal will also advise you of any other requirements you need to meet before entering the country. This is mandatory for all individuals travelling to Canada.

On top of the federal Government of Canada requirements, it is also advised that you check the provincial or territorial restrictions of your destination for any further requirements needed.

Thirdly, we advise you to see whether your country’s borders are open if you have international flights available and if any travel restrictions may stop you from leaving or returning home.

American citizens and permanent residents residing in the USA are already allowed to enter Canada. Their neighbourly border opened on August 9th, 2021, and is still subject to full compliance with Federal Government travel and health orders.

Flying from Australia

Good news for those wanting to travel from Australia! The nation’s iconic airline, Qantas, has made a game-changing announcement for travellers with a flight schedule set to resume this year.

The leading airline has released an international flight schedule departing from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, with flights expected to take off on the week of Monday, December 20, 2021. Although only a few selected routes have been released, this is a major start for keen travellers. It opens the possibility for connected flights if their destination isn’t included in these direct trips.

Qantas flight destinations include:

  • Los Angeles
  • Vancouver
  • Honolulu
  • San Francisco
  • Singapore
  • London
  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo

With Vancouver being included in this announcement, this is big news for ski lovers looking to jump the ditch and get back onto the Canadian slopes before the next snow season ends. Vancouver offers direct flights to surrounding Canadian airports, granting easy access to British Columbia, Alberta and Eastern Canada ski resorts.

While the Australian Government ultimately decides the opening of international borders, Qantas has discussed their plan with the government, which has been deemed reasonable. This gives us great hope this may be the real deal! Find out more on Qantas’ plan to resume international travel here.

Please note, flights are subject to change.

How can I find out more about travelling to COVID during the pandemic?

For further information, we have a convenient and real-time digital library and links for all COVID-19 related information and resources,  found here.

Here you will find access to important COVID related travel advice, including Canada’s restrictions, how you can enter Canada and the entry checklist. The ArriveCAN app is also linked on the page guide, as is the application for the eTA Visa.

There is also information and travel advice from relevant local authorities and governments for those travelling from Australia, the UK and other countries.

Ski Holidays vacation
Elk & Ave Hotel, Banff

Are you looking to book your next ski vacation to Canada? If you are eligible for the travel exemption, let us assist!

At Ski Holidays and Tours, we are offering a fully refundable, no fee, COVID cancellation policy should you be unable to travel due to COVID-19 travel restrictions impacting your vacation plans. This way you have total peace of mind when organising your much-needed trip.

We have over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, so we know just how important it is for transparency when booking a holiday. Our team can help you understand all conditions any supplier/partner may have on cancellation and refunds BEFORE any deposit is taken. Plus, you have no booking or change fees that will be charged by us.

For all your Canada travel needs, enquire now through our website.


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