Mick Weston from Ottawa, Ontario and his partner, Carolyn Sandor-Weston, were lucky enough to win our Facebook competition for a ski trip in 2021.

We were delighted to get to meet and ski with Mick and Carolyn when they flew out to British Columbia in March 2022 to claim their prize. We even managed to include their friends, Joanne and Kelly from Victoria which was an added bonus for them al! It was Mick’s first time skiing in Western Canada, and Carolyn’s first time at Big White since a family holiday 37 years prior – and the two of them couldn’t wait to get back on the slopes when they received the notification that they’d won.

Big White Ski trip

Their prize included five nights staying at the luxury Stonebridge Lodge, Big White, along with lift passes and airport transfers.

Mick and Carolyn were happy to share some of their story and top holiday tips; read on below for more.

Skiing is the best bonding experience for any family

In doubt that a ski holiday is the best choice for your family? It’s time to cast those doubts aside and discover exactly what it can do to inspire laughter, fun and connection throughout the generations.

Mick and Carolyn can vouch for that. Having met in Portugal as backpackers, they married in Alberta and have ended up in Ottawa. Many years later, they enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, skating and lots of what they refer to as the ‘Western Winter Fitness Program’, also known as shovelling out a very long driveway.

family ski trip

They still make the effort to take annual family skiing vacations with their two children, inspired by Carolyn’s vacations with her family when growing up.

“It has been 37 years since their last family holiday, yet all of her family still talks about different moments that have been held special over the years,” Mick shares.

“Bombing down the hill, trying to keep up with her brothers; memories of the kids coming into pubs in the village, trying to find the adults, who were busy ‘après skiing’; sneaking out in the middle of the night with a bread knife to cut down a tiny evergreen as a Christmas tree for ski-in, ski-out accommodation.”

Choose a location with something for everyone

Mick and Carolyn loved Big White; the trees covered in snow, smelling the pine as they made their way down the mountain, surrounded by spectacular views. With so much terrain to cover, the two of them covered over 50kms in just one day, sharing the thrills and adventures with their friends Kelly and Joanne, who they had not seen for a considerable time. It was the perfect place for a reunion.

“It’s great to find a place where each chair lift has different levels, including green when you reach the top which is fantastic for the different levels within a group,” Mick shares. “There are so many runs to choose from that take you to such unique and spectacular views. Groomed and ungroomed runs, both full of powder.”

And with so many restaurants and activities to choose from, there’s truly something to please everyone. “The village has all that one needs and you can choose to dine in or prepare your own meals in your own space,” Mick adds.

family ski trip Big White

Opt for a specialised travel agent like the Ski Holidays & Tours team

Despite many years of snow travel under their belts, Mick and Carolyn were quick to understand the perks of having a travel expert to organise and coordinate a holiday for them – especially when it’s someone with so much knowledge in the world of skiing and snowboarding.

Sue Thorley is the Australian founder of Ski Holidays & Tours and has been skiing in British Columbia for over 18 years. If Sue and her team haven’t skied a resort, they don’t sell it, making them true experts in making sure a ski vacation can perfectly meet your needs.

“Sue was very professional, helpful, knowledgeable & personable. From the first time we spoke internationally after learning of the winning, I was surprised with the extensive itinerary and attention to detail, which resulted in a smooth transition to the resort,” Mick confirms.

“If individuals want a travel company that will ensure you are set for a wonderful time, this is the way to go.”

Ready to book your own customised adventure, or perfect family ski vacation? Click here to speak to the Ski Holidays & Tours team.