At Ski Holidays and Tours, we’ve been in the travel industry for over 20 years. We know exactly how much there is to consider with booking your holiday – and in a post-COVID landscape, it seems as though there’s plenty to worry about.

From border closures to vaccination requirements, insurance and restrictions, it’s no wonder that Australians are now travelling more cautiously than ever before.

©Air Canada, Montreal flight to Kelowna
©Air Canada, Montreal flight to Kelowna

If the uncertainty of the pandemic has had an impact on you, rest assured that we’re here to take the stress away and ensure your trip is worry-free.

As ski and snowboard holiday specialists dedicated to Canadian ski holidays, we also go beyond your typical travel agents. Our focus is on planning an incredible trip to the Canadian ski resort to suit your travel goals best.

Here are five top reasons why you should book with a travel agent such as Ski Holidays and Tours, rather than going at it alone for your next trip to the snow.

1. We keep track of restrictions, so you don’t have to

Travel information changes all the time, and it’s exhausting to keep up.

Not only do we stay on top of all the COVID restrictions, but we also keep up to date on visa information. Our team ensures that we can offer you the best advice on transits and stopovers on your way through to Canada.

Plus we publish the latest in our COVID information hub, which covers everything you could possibly need for your trip. This includes travel restrictions in Canada, requirements for entering Canada, the mandatory travel app, and updates on flying and applying for an ETA visa or Canada entry visa.

We even drill it down to the most popular individual provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec – so you can have full confidence in your trip, regardless of destination.

And with delayed passports currently causing havoc across Australia, we can even advise exactly when you’ll need to have a new passport sorted for every member of the family. We can also assist you on when to work out if you’ll need to change passport numbers on bookings.

©Shannon Martin, owned Banff Snow Sculptures
©Shannon Martin, owned Banff Snow Sculptures

2. We don’t charge any cancellation fees for our services

You won’t have to worry about any changes of mind. If something goes wrong on your end, we charge no booking or change fees for our services.

We do have to abide by our supplier’s cancellation policies, but we’ll always clearly outline any of the cancellation or refund conditions involved in your booking.

You are assured that our team lays out any cancellation policies prior to any deposit being taken. This is to ensure you are 100% comfortable and assured of any financial commitment being made.

Banff Lake Louise, ©Reuben Krabbe
Banff Lake Louise, ©Reuben Krabbe

3. You can take advantage of our expertise

Over 20 years, we’ve carefully developed our first-hand knowledge of both the travel and ski industries to build up the best possible network. In fact, unless we’ve skied the resort, we don’t even sell the destination.

Want to link up with a group of local skiers upon arrival? We can sort that out. Together, you can discover the best powder stashes and the nicest bar for an après beverage.

Need to organise a special event for a big birthday, a proposal, an anniversary or any other occasion? We can speak to our suppliers to produce the dream scenario.

The knowledge doesn’t end there. With our extent of local contacts, we can arrange everything from wheelchair hire to the ultimate vineyard long lunch.

Stonebridge at Big White, ©Gavin Crawford Photography
Stonebridge at Big White, ©Gavin Crawford Photography

4. We can save you a whole lot of time – and money

It’s great to be able to book everything online – but it’s tough to have confidence in your bookings without knowing, with certainty, that you’re choosing the best option for you and your travel group.

So, forget about trawling Tripadvisor or trying to find local Facebook groups. As Canada specialist agents, we’re trained to be the experts in both destinations and products. Not only do we have access to the best deals, but also the first offers to ensure your access to high-quality travel experiences.

This will save you cash, giving you more to spend on your holiday, along with your precious time.

5. Your go-to for the problems you can’t solve

Things might go wrong at the last moment… and that’s where we come in.

Whether it’s a flight cancelled at the eleventh hour, or you urgently need to reschedule something, there’s no need to wait on the phone for airlines or accommodation. We have the connections to get through quickly and sort it out.

As your personal advocate, we can also advise the things you’re really unsure of – like which travel insurance to invest in so that it actually supports you in an emergency.

This ensures that your holiday is genuinely a holiday, rather than the kind of adventure that is more stressful than relaxing.

Ready to book? We’re here to support you with your next ski or snowboard trip to Canada and look forward to helping you navigate travel in a post-COVID landscape.
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