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We are skiers and snowboarders. We get it.

Ski Holidays and Tours can help you dream and plan your next ski holiday. Beyond COVID-19, when we can travel safely again, we will personally help obtain the best value deals that will be bountiful in choice; and guide and design unique snow experiences that will be oh, so welcome.  Contact us about next season. There is no cost to dream now.

You can be assured of Ski Holidays and Tours. Our service, our care, and our passion.  We are IATA accredited, and a member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents & ATAS. We understand the nuances of ski vacations & snowboard holidays; and the complexity of choosing ski destinations.

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ski vacations & snowboard holidays.

Our website is designed to provide valuable information on ski destinations. You can then make an informed decision, when choosing to visit one or more ski resorts in Canada, and the USA.

Our aim is to help you find the right fit for you, your family, and your travel buddies.  Let us make your ski vacations & snowboard holidays, what you want them to be.

Once you’ve decided on your ski and snowboard destinations; it’s a simple click through to search, book and pay for your accommodations.


Look for our Snow How tips. These tidbits of information that make a good holiday, great.

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